how it all flows and gets done

We keep things simple! From your first initial contact to the launching of your Content Heavy delivered web experience we keep things fresh, clean & simple. That being said, keeping it simple does not have to mean "simplistic".

Our overall goal is to completely remove any internet jargon from all the phases of the relationship. Some of our most recent clients have complained of dealing with other companies that just "used to much lingo" and "wanted to introduce, build and charge for so many unnecessary bells and whistles."

By following our simple 5 step web process, we have proven it to be extremely beneficial to our clients as they know exactly what they were paying for.

the 5 steps:

We do not leave any loose ends open for interpretation and have no problem taking any further time to completely explain any topic that may still be causing confusion.

Wave Energy was referred to Content Heavy from a previous client of theirs. We were in need a new website from the ground up as our current website was very dated. After contacting Content Heavy we went through the requirement gathering, design brainstorming and then development stages.

The visual concepts that were developed were very clean and professional. We ended up requesting some additional backend features that were also built for us.

In a few weeks we had a completely new aesthetically pleasing website. The entire process was completed with a few phone conference calls and various emails back and forth which allowed for frequent feedback and reduced our costs. That was the most impressive part. Understanding what we wanted and interpreting it for the web says a lot about their own understanding of the web design discipline!

Thanks again!

Eric Hughes, Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer