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Let’s face it. As women, we have been there, done that. We naturally know what it takes to shed weight, get fit and live healthy. The penetrating question is, "Why are we not ‘living it?"

We buy the gym membership. We buy the treadmill. We buy the low-carb foods. We become members of every diet club. We read every weight management and self-help book published, (especially recommended by Oprah or Dr. Phil!). We listen to the latest best-selling audio on how to find balance while we race to pick up the kids! But unless we find out what holds us back emotionally and physically, put it all together and obtain the best health, fitness and wellness support, we will ride the ‘could have, should have’ roller coaster for the rest of our life.

After waking up in an emergency room over 13 years ago, this very question came to me and I have never looked back. You see, as a national caliber athlete, bodybuilder and passionate student of natural health, I thought I was ‘living it’. I thought I was doing what the books, coaches, mentors and courses taught me to do. However, that day in the emergency room I was forced to wake up. Soon after that painful and life-changing experience, I vowed to live what I had learned and made a decision to fulfill a lifelong dream to help other women to do the same

As women in today’s world we are more determined than ever to take control of our lives, health and bodies. We are no longer satisfied with just a diet or just a fitness program or just a counseling session. We yearn to wake up each day feeling confident, proud and passionate about our lives and our bodies. We want to shout it from the rooftops of our suburbia home, uptown condo, yuppie office tower or yoga studio! We want it all.

Live it! provides it all. Our life-changing programs and services are offered through a network of outstanding; lifestyle coaches, certified personal fitness trainers and natural health professionals. We help you to discover and deal with the complex biochemical, physiological and psychological forces that cause you to gain weight, develop a lack of energy, decreased confidence and ultimately health issues in the first place. And as important, our programs are simple, fun and natural.

Additionally to extend our programs globally, we have coached over 250 people from North America, Australia and New Zealand by group and personal telecoaching. Watch for updates announcing our new 2005 teleclasses! Whatever your choice of program, you are provided with powerful support, coaching and tools that will inspire you to build on your natural, personal strength to LIVE your health and fitness dreams, 365 days of the year - for the rest of your life.

Live It | Eat It Move It Feel It