Interface Design

photoshop, pixels, look & feel

The interface to your website is crucial to the first impression a visitor receives. You do not have more than a few minutes, if that in most cases, to captivate your website visitor. There are millions of websites out there and browsing time is tight.

The overall visual appeal, functionality and usability are the most key in regards to interface design.

visual appeal

Content Heavy strives to come up with original concepts for interfaces that are immediately pleasant to the eye. Much of work we create delivers moods that are bright and warm. In addition careful consideration is taken to not overwhelm the user with extraneous design elements.


How your users navigate, receive and exchange information is key to being productive in the short while they are on your website. Content Heavy keeps things simple and straight forward by highlighting main navigation items, sub navigation items and distinct headings for all sections. These items will have their own piece of real estate in the interface. Wether the user is inputting information into a web form or trying to find the contact information for your business it is only a single click away.


The combination of the aforementioned visual appeal and functionality. Content Heavy creates logical navigation and flow architectures that allows visitors to easily find and get to the information they are looking for. By enabling the user to know where there are, know where they want to go, and how to get there they quickly become confident clickers.

interface design tools

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Flash