Web Development

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The web development code is the foundation of any website. This part of the process specifically relates to the behind the scenes work. A web developed site should follow industry wide best practices like writing code that is valid, accessible, semantically correct, and makes use of user-friendly URLs. Learn more below.

web standards

Content Heavy uses strict web standards development coding practices. These guidelines offer huge advantages for not only the client but for us. Cross browser/device compatibility, easier/less costly maintainability and the separation of structure and presentation.


Semantic web development is code that adds meaning to the website's content. This makes it easier for browsers, screen readers and alternative browsing devices (i.e. pda's) to interpret and make sense of the very important website content. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the largest beneficiary as search engines do not read, understand or remember any of the graphical elements of a website. This it is key that the search engines still can make sense of the website's content, structure and elements.


There are some terrible assumptions that are made when most websites are designed. Not all users are using point and click devices like a mouse. In some cases some are even disabled. It is important that these individuals are not alienated. Having a accessible website ensures that the web experiences we build can be accessed by a wide range of individuals, browsing devices, platforms and browsers that now exist.

Having a website that looks and functions consistently across as many mediums as possible is a priority for us.

Coding Languages

  • CSS
  • JavaScript